Boxing Gloves Review: Neon Thai Boxing Gloves

Thai Boxing Gloves The Neon Thai Boxing Gloves are designed as a classic thai boxing glove. It has a shorter glove size and a wider head, so it’s ideal for both sparring and punching bag training. It’s a full, cowhide leather glove and comes with double stitching. The gloves are visually noticeable in a gym with a colourful neon range.

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International Boxing News – September 20 2016

Making a difference – boxing in prison BOXING makes a difference. There are seemingly countless anecdotes to show how our sport has the power to change people’s lives. But now it’s important to prove it. Read Article HBO’s boxing position emphasizes importance of improved fight quality HBO’s challenging environment in staging boxing cards this year could wind up enhancing the

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How to choose the Best Boxing Gloves

Learn about Boxing Gloves Punch Equipment explains the different uses for Boxing Gloves and how to choose the right ones. Learn the best boxing gloves for punching bags, training, sparring, muay thai and fighting. Browse the Range View the range of boxing gloves available in Australia.


Boxing Gloves Review: Urban Gloves

The Urban Boxing Gloves are ideally the best gloves for beginners looking to boxing for fitness or cardio.


Bag Boxing Gloves Review: Pro Bag Busters

Watch the product review of Punch Equipment’s Pro Bag Busters® Commercial Boxing Bag Gloves. Perfect for amateur fighters, fitness padwork. Ideal mix of quality and comfort.