Boxing Gloves Review: Black Diamond

Why choose the Black Diamond Muay Thai Gloves?

For Muay Thai Training and Sparring, we’ll look at the Black Diamond Muay Thai Gloves by Punch Equipment®.

These gloves take protection to another level with their safety features. The glove has double roll bar wrist padding and this allow you to absorb incoming kicks, punches, kicks and knees. This also helps protect from serious injuries.

The design of this glove is what really makes it standout. Boxers love the handfit and the pillow palms provide a more comfortable fist when punching opponents or bags.

With a stylish black colour and orange satin linings/stitching, this glove not only packs a punch but looks great around the gym!

Best Features

• AAA Rated
• Deluxe pillow palms
• Double roll bar wrist impact padding
• Full wrap wrist
• Full attached thumbs
• Satin feel Punchcool® lining
• MATERIAL – Leather – Plush Matt finish, Extra thick orange contrast stitching
• SIZE:12oz, 16oz

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