best boxing gloves Online Australia

Best Boxing Gloves Online Australia

Shop our online range of best boxing gloves in Australia. Punch Equipment’s boxing gloves are quality and designed for professional and personal use. Our boxing gloves come in a wide variety of colours including red, black, yellow, green, purple and blue. They also come in different colour combinations such as red/black, green/black, pink/white and more!

Choosing by Weight

Boxing gloves weight is important when choosing the right boxing glove, the smaller weighted boxing glove is ideal for training and the ideal weight should be 4oz to 10oz. For a more cardio intense workout choosing a heavier glove is ideal in the range of 12oz to 18oz.

We Recommend

If your looking for a more professional boxing glove for fighting or sparring, our Trophy Getter Boxing Gloves come in a larger weight size up to 18oz. For the ultimate commercial boxing glove, the Special Boxing Gloves are ideal for an intense cardio workout and as an all-round professional boxing glove. They’re available in two combinations, red/black and green/black. They are our most expensive glove but you get what you pay for with these gloves, quality and comfort.