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Boxing Gloves by Punch Equipment have been in development for over 15 years and designed with safety and comfort in mind with every glove. Our boxing gloves are popular with any level of fitness and any gender.

Our range of boxing gloves includes training gloves, leather boxing gloves, sparring gloves, mma gloves, kids boxing gloves, boxing gear, boxing hand wraps and muay thai gloves.

We cater to men, women and kids in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and Personal Trainers. Shop online with confidence at Punch Equipment. Find a retail store near you using the store locator.

Boxing Gloves Australia can help you choose the right boxing gloves for your needs. Our boxing gloves come in a wide range of colour combinations and weight sizes.

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If your looking for a specialist boxing glove, Punch Equipment sells a wide range of gloves for any type. Buy Boxing Gloves for training, sparring, punching bags, focus pads, competition and fighting.

Shop by Weight

When shopping by boxing glove weight, heavier gloves are ideal for a more intense workout whereas lighter gloves are ideal for training and improving skills on pads/punching bags.

Shop by Colour

Our boxing gloves are available in a range of different colours, including: red, black, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink.

Generally red is the ideal colour for boxing fights as the colour is less visible to your opponent after punches. Light coloured gloves such as blue, green and yellow are ideally used for boxing training and skills.